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A Very Professional Firm

I will start with saying that Cal Hort is a very professional firm starting at the top with Mike as we have used Cal Hort for numerous jobs big and small for over 20 years. They did a major landscape, hardscape and some design work for us in 1999-2000.

Jason of Cal Hort did play a big role in design as the job progressed. Timeline was met and the extensions were talked about and agreed to by both parties. An example was having a full grown tree delivered from So Cal that took some extra time. We did not experience any unexpected costs.

The project manager and Mike met with my Wife almost as a daily routine but certainly several times a week during the projects critical times. Never had a complaint from the neighbors as the job was kept clean. Monte Sereno has very strict rules in this regard.

We have used them many times since the major job as a matter of fact they just finished a minor project a week ago. My rating of Cal Hort would be 9.5 as only the Olympics have 10's.

January 2010

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