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An Awesome Choice of Plants

Jason and Courtney:

The camellias you selected for our yard have been giving us weeks of enjoyment. Last weekend, on a whim, I took some of my 18 bushes, including 2 of your new additions, to the Camellia Society of Santa Clara County show. I wanted to get the old camellias identified. They helped me with names, but then suggested that two of the ones you added (Adolphe Audusson Var. and Silver Waves), plus a bloom from one of the existing (Chandlerii Elegans) be entered into the show, Novice single bloom category. Surprise, all three received “Honors!” You two are awesome with your selections! Thanks again for an awesome choice of plants that bring us enjoyment year around. We do appreciate it.

And Jason, we are enjoying the new lighting. Thank you for the suggestions and design.

CJ McCarthy

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